Monday, 12 August 2013

aerosoft corp complaints

Asia's Best Aviation SEO [AeroSoft Corp]

AeroSoft Corp

AeroSoft Corp, name is so eye catching !

But 100% No Frill Low cost Corp.

Selling nothing (impossible SEO products)!

It just launches site after site, none useful, but an awesome idea to confuse people and job seekers, launches nicely copy pasted information from top aviation websites !

Any new job seekers enters then the CEO just charms them through sweet talks and make believe that their career and time is so safe with THE AEROSOFT CORP ! He just put the employees in forever probation aka training period and may charge you at the end with heavy fees or worst could happen !

I wasted so much time in this AeroSoft corp !

Plz don’t trust this self claimed asia’s best aviation seo site , I wonder SEO(webmaster/internet terms) and aviation(planes/sky) has no relation ! Well CEO just got another keyword to charm innocent youths.

If u got a call letter u will 5,6 or 7 links attached to the letter.

The best way possible to push you in the Bloggers world !

 God knows what his real business is , except from earning through website
visits n blah blah stuffs !

He won’t educate you anything , just extract as much as your hard work for content creating and posting in your social sites , does partnership for foolish products where revenue generation is like cheating on people and misguiding !

Yes the biggest   award goes to
 well his con strategies just worked so fine that it got entry in IIMs and IITs of India , are the best brains are so naive ?!

All the best to the unemployed youths plz don’t waste your tme with the AEROSOFT CORP the biggest   crap in the holy city Of Indore !

Very Unprofessional attitude...

no response except the vacation response message...

They would want us to make multiple Ids and a blog covering certain aspect of tourism Industry , inspite of complying to their need they will not explain as to why this process needed..

Sorry situation so far.

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